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Shingle Beach Campsite Map:


The beach access road is for dropping off at the beach, you are asked to park above in the recreation site in designated parking, failure to do so, you may have your vehicle towed at your expense.  Please keep this area clear and fair use for everyone.


Single Sites are $18.00 per night/vehicle, Double Sites are $36.00 per night/group of 2 vehicles, Group Sites are $75.00 per night/group of 5/vehicles, (rental of sites do not require multiple vehicles). 


Camping on Weekends is a mandatory 2 night stay, and 3 night stay on Long Weekends, regardless of how long you actually stay at the campsite.

Overnight non-camping vehicles (Kayakers, boaters, etc., leaving by vessel/foot from shingle beach are $9.00 per vehicle/night),  all vehicles must have a permit.

A vehicle is considered to be 20 feet and under, over 20 feet will be counted as 2 vehicles, a towed trailer will be counted as a 2nd vehicle.

We are not a parking lot, space is offered to campers first and is very limited, there will be no overnight non-camping vehicles permitted on Civic holidays, Long weekends or Site Events(Weddings), nor during the months of July & August, contacting the host at the email below is highly recommended so that you are not disappointed upon arrival. 

Non-Permit Vehicle(s) will be Towed at Owners Expense.

Reservation fees are not refundable and separate from the camping fees.

Reservation Fees are $18.00 for all sites, Single, Double and Group.

Extra vehicles are charged an extra fee per vehicle per night, $9.00.

All reservations are strongly suggested for 2 night minimums or more,

observing weekend and long weekend rules.


Read all the Campsite Reservation Rules on the Rules page.

Camp Sites can be Reserved and there is FCFS (First Come First Serve) Sites(Can not be reserved).  During Special Events/Weddings etc. the complete site may be rented, no FCFS will be available. Group Sites 1 and 2 require reservation in advance, they are for groups of 5 vehicles or more, to reserve a site or questions to:  for Campsite Management.

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