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Shingle Beach Camping,

Texada Island,

British Columbia,



Shingle Beach:

Site Description:   An open grassy site along a beautiful pebble beach on the southwest facing side of Texada Island. Campsites are available in forested areas as well as overlooking the beach. Campsites are available to be reserved and on a first come, first-served basis. This is a CASH ONLY site and has on site supervision. The site also features two log shelters that can be rented for groups and special events. For site information contact site operator at:

Driving Directions:       Drive off the BC ferry from Westview in Powell River and follow Blubber Bay Road for 8.7 km, turn RIGHT on Gillies Bay Road and at 23.8 km turn LEFT on Shelter Point Road. At 24.1 km turn RIGHT onto Mouat Bay Road and follow the gravel road to 25.4 km and turn LEFT onto Texada Forest Service Road. Stay LEFT at 34.7 km, turn RIGHT at 35 km and at 37.3 km turn RIGHT onto the 500 metre access road leading into the Shingle Beach Recreation Site. NOTE: Odometer reading may vary from one vehicle to another.


B o b s   L a k e :

Site Description:    A small lake on Texada Island with seven first come, first-served campsites.


Driving Directions:    From the Blubber Bay ferry terminal on Texada Island, drive through Gillies Bay and keep left onto Shelter Point Road. Turn right onto Bell Road, stay right at the Hydro Reactor Road and follow it to Bob's Lake.

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