Shingle Beach remains a locals favourite beach with day use and parking, Bobs Lake is also another popular day use site, for swimming and sun bathing alike.

Both Shingle Beach and Bobs Lake have overnight camping, Shingle Beach has camping sites that can be reserved, including the 2 Group sites that have large shelters and ocean views.


Bobs Lake is a first come first serve, non-fee campsite.

These Sites have general rules that must be followed or the visitors will be asked to leave, please respect other people and all posted signs and rules!


Group Reservations

Persons wishing to reserve either of the group sites must contact the site host to make a group reservation.

Reservation Fee

A non-refundable fee charged to a customer for making a reservation using the

Shingle Beach Campground Email: reservations@shinglebeachcamping.com/


A reservation fee is assessed for each campsite reserved. 

The non-refundable fee is:


- $15.00 for each Single Site reserved

- $30.00 for each Double Site reserved

- $75.00 for each Group Site reserved





New Year's Day        January 1, Wednesday
Family Day               February 17, Monday
Good Friday              April 10, Friday
Victoria Day             May 18, Monday
Canada Day              July 1, Wednesday
Civic Holiday           August 3, Monday   (BC DAY)
Labour Day              September 7, Monday
Thanks Giving         October 12, Monday
Remembrance Day November 11, Wednesday
Christmas Day        December 25, Friday
Boxing Day              December 26, Saturday



Some special non-holiday events or festivals in or near the campground.


Confirmed Reservation

A reservation is confirmed when the reservation fee is paid.

The customer will receive an e-mail confirmation upon receipt of payment.

The reservation confirmation will provide the reservation confirmation number

for each reservation and detailed reservation information that includes:

customer name; customer e-mail address; vehicle license plate; number of the campsite; arrival date;

departure date;  and, the total amount charged for the reservation.


Reservation Cancellation

Reservation Fees are Non-Refundable and Separate from your camping Fees.


Reservation Modification

A reservation may be modified one (1) time after the reservation is completed

and a confirmation is number assigned without incurring an additional reservation fee.

A reservation modification may be requested by the customer no later than (15) days prior

to arrival.

Reservation modifications that result in an upgrade to the campsite type may require an

additional deposit before the modified reservation is confirmed.


A second request attempt to modify a reservation will result in cancellation of that

reservation and reservation cancellation rules will apply.


Reservations Window

Online reservations may be made from 2 months to five (15) days prior to arrival date. From June 1st 2020 .

Applicable reservation fees will apply to all reservations made by phone or email by the customer or

with the assistance of the Site Operator.



Reservation Limitations - Number of Reservations

Each reservation is charged a separate $15.00 non-refundable reservation fee for Single Sites, $30.00 for Double Sites, and

a $75.00 non-refundable reservation fee for Group Sites.

Payment is required for each reservation.


Long Weekend Rate


There is a 3 Night Holiday Fee for All Long Weekends (as outlined below) regardless if you stay all 3 Nights or not.

Long Weekend Holiday Rate applies to the campsite itself (First Come First Serve and/or Reservations).

Extra Vehicles to an already occupied site, will only pay for the nights they plan to camp.

If you are making a reservation and only reserve 2 nights on a Long Weekend,

you will be charged for the 3 night Holiday Rate.

Site Rules:

When the Statutory Holiday falls on a Friday, the 3 Night Holiday Fee will be for Thurs, Fri and Sat nights.

When the Statutory Holiday falls on a Monday, the 3 Night Holiday Fee will be for Fri, Sat and Sun nights.

When a statutory holiday falls on any other day than a Friday or a Monday, no 3 Night Holiday Fee applies.


Minimum Length of Stay

A reservation must be for a minimum of two (2) nights on weekends and three (3) nights on holidays

and special events or festivals in or near the campground.

Dates requiring a minimum length of stay may vary from each campsite and that information is

available at time of reserving.

An exception to the minimum length of stay for holidays and special events or festivals may be granted

by Site Operator.  Approval of a request for an exception to minimum length of stay may not be guaranteed.



Maximum Length of Stay

A specific vehicle can only remain on the same campsite or in the same campground for a

maximum of fourteen days (14).

Reservations will not be honored that are made by different individuals occupying the same vehicle for

consecutive fourteen (14) days.

An extension to the maximum length of stay may be granted by the District Recreation Officer.

Approval of a request for an extension to the maximum length of stay is not guaranteed.



Check-In Time

Check-in time is 12 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

An early check-in time may be authorized by the Site Operator.

Approval of a request for early check-in is not guaranteed.


Check-Out Time

Check-Out Time is 12 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

A late check-out time may be authorized by the park manager.

Approval of a request for late check-out is not guaranteed.



Late Arrivals

A campsite will be held until 10 AM (Pacific Standard Time),

the day following the scheduled arrival.   Unless the Site Operator has been contacted prior

to 10 AM PST, the campsite will be removed from reserved status and made available

for other campers.


Early Departures

Departures after arrival to the campground will result in the forfeiture of the reservation fee and may

also include forfeiture of the total rental fee for the dates associated with the reservation


Mother Nature Rule

Refunds will not be given for inclement weather situations including/but not limited to: burn bans, smoke, 

low or high water levels or other weather-related conditions.


Fees and Discounts

Shingle Beach Campsite:

Single Sites:

Reservation fee $15.00 (Non-Refundable-Not Part of Camping Fee)

Base Rate - 1st Vehicle $15.00
2 Vehicles Maximum - 2nd Vehicle $7.50 (unless towed by first vehicle)


Double Sites:

Reservation fee $30.00 (Non-Refundable-Not Part of Camping Fee)

Base Rate - 1st & 2nd Vehicle $30.00
4 Vehicles Maximum - 3rd & 4th Vehicle $7.50 (unless towed by 1st/2nd vehicle(s)

Group Sites:
Reservation fee $75.00 (Non-Refundable-Not Part of
Camping Fee)

Base Rate $75.00 (minimum 3 nights) based on 5 or more vehicles.


Overnight (non-camping) Vehicle $5.00 per night (Kayakers, Boaters, etc for people leaving their vehicles on site departing by vessel on the water)

Parking is limited, we are not a Parking lot, campers get first access, if you park your car on site with no PERMIT it will be towed at your expense. 

Bobs Lake Campsite:


Remains a First Come First Serve non Fee - Campsite in 2020


Discounts do not apply to Group Sites.

Senior Citizens

Individuals age 65 years or older and their spouse are entitled to a 50% discount discount on the base rate

for regular campsites.  A driver's license, or other suitable identification shall be used for verification of age.


Persons With Disabilities

Persons with Disabilities
You are eligible for a discounted camping fee if:
             1.  You are designated as a Person with Disabilities (PWD) and receiving PWD benefits under the BC

                    provincial government Employment and Assistance Program (administered by the BC Ministry of

                   Social Development and Poverty Reduction). Obtain a current calendar year Release of Information

                   form, issued by the BC Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction. There are three

                   options for requesting this form:
             a.  Request one in person at your local office listed here.
             b.  Call 1 866 866-0800 ask for one over the phone. You will then have to go in person to retrieve the

                  original and have it signed.
             c.  If you are registered for My Self Serve you can print one from your account.
Upon arrival at the campground, show the campsite operator the original approved Release of Information form

and a second piece of ID.



             2.  You have a child registered through the “At Home Program” (administered by the BC provincial government Ministry

                  of Children and Family Development).
Upon arrival at the campground, show the campsite operator the original Letter of Eligibility and a second piece of ID (if possible, the child’s ID or the parent/legal guardian’s ID).




              3.  You are a person living on-reserve and receiving Income Assistance for Persons with Disabilities (Disability Assistance)

                   under the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) Income Assistance Program. If so, contact your Band Social         

                   Development Worker. Complete a current calendar year “Release of Personal Information” form, issued by a First

                   Nation Administering Authority on behalf of INAC.
Upon arrival at the campground, show the campsite operator the original Release of Personal Information form and a second piece of identification.

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