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Read this first....


Dedicated FCFS (First Come First Serve) 

These sites (#3, #4, #6-B, #9, Regular Sites) Beach Front #A, #B, #C, #D (Walk-In),  may appear below are only for reference, photos, descriptions, they can not be reserved at all.


When you request to reserve dates they will be held for 24 hours, unless the request for reservation is confirmed, via payment.

To confirm a reservation request, a reservation form will be sent to you that must be filled out and returned, before payment information is sent to you.

During high email volumes the 24 hour deadline may be longer.  If you want to book a reservation in the next 14 days from todays date, you must request to reserve via email, there are no guarantees for requested reservations within these days. 


Request short notice reservation at: 

Subject: Short Notice Request

Site #:


License Plate:

Types of Vehicles (Car, Truck, Truck-Trailer, RV):
Number of Vehicles:
Length of Vehicles:





You must leave a valid phone number and email, you will be contacted via email/Cel as soon as humanly possible!


During the first weeks, and during long weekends, there will be larger than normal email volume, please be patient. 

You will be required to pay for your complete reservation and the reservation fee, after you receive and fill out the reservation form, instructions on how to pay will be forwarded to you.


Reservation fees are equivalent to a single nights stay at a Single Site.

A Single Site is $18.00, a Double Site $18.00, and a Group Site $18.00. 

Once the reservation process(you will be sent a form) is completed, including payment you will be locked in.


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