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Bob's Lake




B O B ' S   L A K E
Pine Spruce Branches 1

A small lake in the Alpine of Texada Island.


This site offers camping for smaller vehicles such as truck and camper units.

There are 7 campsites, 2 shaded sites on the North side of the lake and

5 sites on the Sunny South side of the lake where the one outhouse is located. 


Campsites are available in forested areas as well as lake side.


Campsites are available for FCFS (First Come First Serve), only at this time. 

This campsite is popular during the summer, 

festivals, and hunting season, early arrivals are recommended.


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Driving Directions:   


From the Blubber Bay ferry terminal on Texada Island,
Take Right at Stop Sign (Gas Station) in Van Anada,

drive through Gillies Bay and turn left at the "T" section
onto Shelter Point Road.
Turn right onto Bell Road (T section and gravel starts now),

stay right at the Hydro Reactor Road and follow it to Bob's Lake.

Check each `Y`intersection you come to for signs to recreation site,

follow these to Bob`s Lake.

Pine Spruce Branches 1
Pine Spruce Branches 1
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