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Shingle Beach remains a locals favourite beach with day use picnic tables and parking, Bobs Lake is also anther popular day use site, for swimming and sun bathing alike.

Both Shingle Beach and Bobs Lake have overnight camping, Shingle Beach has several reservable camping sites. two large shelters that can also be reserved separately, and Bobs Lake has by donation overnight camping.

These Sites have general rules that must  be followed or the visitors may be asked to leave, please respect other people and all posted signs and rules!


Group Reservations

Persons wishing to reserve either of the group sites must contact the site host to make a group reservation.


Reservation Fee

A non-refundable fee charged to a customer for making a reservation using the Shingle Beach Campground Reservation Phone number or online purchase via website.

A reservation fee is assessed for each campsite reserved.

The non-refundable fee is $12.00 for each campsite reserved.



A deposit equal to the first night's rental is required for reservations on non-holiday weekends.

The deposit is in addition to the non-refundable reservation fee.

Full payment equal to entire length of stay is required for holiday and event reservations. Holidays include Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day and some special non-holiday events or festivals in or near state parks. All dates requiring a deposit equal to the full length of stay will be prominently displayed on the reservations homepage for each park. (Shingle Beach and Bobs Lake)



Confirmed Reservation

A reservation is confirmed when the reservation fee is paid.

The customer will receive an e-mail confirmation upon receipt of payment.

The reservation confirmation will provide the reservation confirmation number for each reservation and detailed reservation information that includes: customer name; customer e-mail address; name of the park; arrival date; departure date; type of camping site reserved; and, the total amount charged for the each reservation.


Reservation Cancellation

Reservations must be self-cancelled by contacting the site host, by the customer (10) days or more prior to the scheduled arrival date to receive a refund. Refund will not include the $6.00 reservation fee. Any self-cancellation of a reservation (or by other means of notification) less than 10 days prior to the arrival will result in forfeiture of the entire payment.


Reservation Modification

A reservation may be modified one (1) time after the reservation is completed and a confirmation is number assigned without incurring an additional convenience fee.

Reservation modifications that result in an upgrade to the campsite type may require an additional deposit before the modified reservation is confirmed.

A second request attempt to modify a reservation will result in cancellation of that reservation and reservation cancellation rules will apply.


Reservations Window

Online reservations may be made from 11 months to five (5) days prior to arrival date.

Applicable reservation fees and deposit requirements will apply to all reservations made online by the customer or with the assistance of park office staff.


Reservation Limitations - Number of Reservations

Each reservation is charged a separate $12.00 non-refundable online reservation fee.

Payment is required for each reservation.


Minimum Length of Stay

A reservation must be for a minimum of two (2) nights on weekends and three (3) nights on holidays and special events or festivals in or near the park.

Dates requiring a minimum length of stay may vary from each park and that information will be prominently displayed on the reservations homepage for each park.

An exception to the minimum length of stay for holidays and special events or festivals may be granted by the park manager. Approval of a request for an exception to minimum length of stay may not be guaranteed.


Maximum Length of Stay

A specific vehicle can only remain on the same campsite or in the same campground for a maximum of fourteen days (14).

Reservations will not be honored that are made by different individuals occupying the same vehicle for consecutive fourteen (14) days.

An extension to the maximum length of stay may be granted by the park manager.

Approval of a request for an extension to the maximum length of stay is not guaranteed.


Check-In Time

Check-in time is 5 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

An early check-in time may be authorized by the park manager.

Approval of a request for early check-in is not guaranteed.


Check-Out Time

Check-Out Time is 2 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

A late check-out time may be authorized by the park manager.

Approval of a request for late check-out is not guaranteed.


Late Arrivals

A campsite will be held until 10 AM (Pacific Standard Time),

the day following the scheduled arrival.


Early Departures

Departures after arrival to the park will result in the forfeiture of the reservation fee and may

also include forfeiture of the total rental fee for the dates associated with the reservation.


Change of Location after Arrival

If a customer chooses to move from the site that they were assigned, or that they selected, to a first-come, first-served site, the customer will forfeit their reservation fee and may also forfeit the total rental fee for the reserved campsite.

Fees forfeited by a customer initiated change of location request will not be applied to the fee that is associated with the customer's use of a first-come, first-served site.


Mother Nature Rule

Refunds will not be given for inclement weather situations including/but not limited to: burn bans, low or high water levels or other weather-related conditions.


Fees and Discounts

Please note: Deposit requirements may vary from park to park depending on the time of year

Fees: Description Fee

Reservation fee $12.00

Base Rate - 1st Vehicle $12.00


Senior Citizens

Individuals age 65+ years or older and their spouse are entitled to a $6.00 discount on the base rate for campsites. A driver's license shall be used for verification of age.


Totally Disabled

Individuals who have been certified as totally disabled and their spouses shall be entitled to a discount which shall apply to use of, or access to, recreation facilities, regardless of residency.

Acceptable means of verifying total disability include the presentation of:

a Medicare card issued to an individual prior to their 65th birthday;

a Notice of Award letter from the Social Security Administration; hunting and fishing license that notes total disability;

an award letter issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs or a document issued by a retirement or insurance board, commission or administration that attests to the individual's total disability;

or a physicians letter, on letterhead stationery, that declares the individual is totally disabled.

50% off of the Base Rate (proof of eligibility will be required at check-in).


Shingle Beach has it all, Camping, Canoeing, Hiking, Trails, Walks, Sun Rises, Ocean Views, Swimming,
West Coast Sunsets!!

There is also Bobs Lake, a picture perfect fresh water lake with  trout and some of the best swimming ever!!


Wilderness Trails
Large Open Grass Fields
Campsites with Picnic Tables and Fire Rings
Miles of Beach
Walks and Trails
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Swimming in the Ocean!

Swimming and sunbathing on Shingle Beach is a summertime must, take time out to explore the miles of beach front and be on the look out for the famous flower rocks!

Swimming in the Ocean is a true rejuvination of natural proportions you will feel completely refreshed after doing so, and wonder why you have waited so long!!!

Bobs Lake our sister site is an absolute must for swimming in the summertime, a true gem among lakes on Texada with several first come first serve camp sites and day use - it is a one of a kind camping experience!!

Couple Looking at Landscape
Shoreline Exploration

Take the time out for a day adventure exploring down the beach, along the shoreline dotted with shade trees and rock outcroppings!

Pack a lunch and snacks, bring towels, sunscreen, hats and a camera then head on down the beach to discover nature at play!

You are likely to see many of the west coast birds, mink, raccoons, dolphins, whales, otters, and other animals both near and far around you!

Make your stay a memorable one!

Mountain Biking

Each year we see more and more Mountain Bikers making the trek out to Bobs Lake and Shingle Beach - to camp here is amazing, to mountain bike to the campgrounds and set up camp is absolutely energetically spectacular!

There is enough forest wonderment, creeks and lakes to keep any person enthralled and leaving them satisfied for their journey.

Shingle Beach offers a few walk in sites specifically geared towards cyclists or minimalist campers, please contact Site Operator for more information!

Ocean Kayaking Canoeing

Ocean kayaking and canoeing is its own reward, on calm days the gentle ebb and flow of the oceans waters will lure you to explore like never before!  

Shingle Beach is a first rate launch point for several small islands as well - if you are using Shingle Beach as your launch point we ask that you park in designated parking areas and leave basic information on a card, visible on your dash, including name and number of people in your party, your destination, when you expect to be back and a cel number to reach you as well as an emergency contact number.

Bobs Lake is also an amazing water playground!

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